"Autumn night long series, 3rd!"

The other day, I found a sazanka flower blooming in my neighborhood garden.

Speaking of Sazanka, I used to sing "Kakine no Kakine no Kakukaku" when I was a child.

It reminds me of the song "Bonfire" and makes me realize the depth of autumn.

Today, I would like to introduce a recommended DVD in the "Autumn Nights Series, Vol. 3!".

"GOEMON" directed by Kazuaki Kiriya.

It is a story of the era when Nobunaga Oda and Hideyoshi Toyotomi were active during the Sengoku period.

The main character of this movie is Goemon Ishikawa, who is famous as a legendary master thief.

The images are very beautiful, and there is a sense of speed.

All the actors are very attractive and it is a very exciting movie!

Also, the name of the princess played by Ryoko Hirosue is Chachahime!

It's a familiar name.

At Shunpo Tea Garden, the sale of “Chacha Cookies” has begun.

In November, the tea cream Busse and Chachamaru will be on sale.

Enjoy autumn tea time with Shunpo tea garden's original delicious sweets and tea! !