2008 first picking new tea has arrived!

Thank you all for waiting!

The 2008 first-picked fresh tea has arrived! !

First, as the first

Kagoshima radish "Yutakamidori variety" has arrived.

The weather is good for this year's fresh tea, and it looks like it's going to be a very good year! !


Limited to 200 pieces

Items with a market price of 1,500 yen or more

Special price 1,050 yen !

Kagoshima production farmer's original product

Yutakamidori 80g packed.

A tea with a rich aroma and a refreshing sweetness! It's a tea that makes you feel spring! !

About 30% of this variety is cultivated in Kagoshima Prefecture, and it has the second largest cultivation area after Yabukita.

Most of the products produced in Japan are made in Kagoshima.

It has a characteristic fragrance of the variety, and it is originally a variety with some astringency,

It is mainly made by strongly steaming and covering (the same cultivation method as the simplified version of gyokuro covered tea),

The rich umami of amino acids and the astringency of catechins create a punchy flavor and richness.

The number is limited! Please give it a try! !