Chrysanthemum Festival

September 9th is the Chrysanthemum Festival.

The Chinese Yang number (odd number), nine, overlaps twice, so it is named Chongyang.

It is said that it started as a celebration of celebration.

On this day, people drink sake infused with chrysanthemum flowers, which is said to prolong life.

They purify themselves with cotton soaked with dew on chrysanthemum flowers, and hold events such as Kisewata.

It seems that I wished for perpetual youth and longevity.

Chrysanthemums are valued in the world of Japanese confectionery as a symbol of longevity.

Japanese sweets are made to express various chrysanthemums.

The wish for longevity overlaps with the thoughts of the upcoming Respect for the Aged Day!

Relax at home with delicious tea and chrysanthemum Japanese sweets with grandparents

How about enjoying tea time?

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