Shunpo Chaen's 33rd year founding festival is until October 9th (Sun)! !

A Japanese tea specialty store in Yokohama door,

Shunpo Chaen's 33rd anniversary festival will be held until October 9th (Sun)!

I was able to meet many customers, and thanks to everyone's support,

We feel that our company is established.

I was a little embarrassed to see people who were watching Twitter come to the store, but...

(because it hasn't been updated at all)

Thoughts and ideas little by little without decoration,

I would like to convey the wonderfulness of tea.

Thanks to all of you, there are only a few more limited tea for the founding festival.

Hanedashi seaweed, special sencha, and irritate hojicha

It may be sold out tomorrow, but please note.

I will be at the Sakuras store tomorrow until around 1:00 pm.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the store tomorrow as a full member.

Takanori Goto