Thanks to you!

It seems that we will be able to finish the 35th anniversary festival with great success.

The purpose of the festival is to

1. Express your gratitude for being in business for 35 years.

2. Experience valuable tea with everyone,

Conveying that tea is an agricultural product and there is a big difference between the freshness and the producers who work hard to make it.

I made these two points important.

This time, a customer said, "I'm glad I'm Japanese because I can drink really delicious tea."

I was very happy to hear your words.

Japanese tea is a wonderful drink that allows you to practice the spirit of hospitality.

My mission is to spread the deliciousness and spiritual richness of Japanese tea to as many people as possible.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the customers who visited and used our store.

And from now on, we will continue to devote ourselves to becoming a Japanese tea specialty store that creates excitement.

Owner Takanori Goto