story of age

Today, I was talking about my age with the staff.

One of the staff said that I look "33 years old".

When I was a student, I was often seen as older than my actual age.

After becoming a member of society, I often look younger than my actual age.

For example, when someone asks me, "Do you have a part-time job?" at a clothing store, they think I'm a student.

For the first time in a long time, I was seen as older than I actually was, and I felt a little complicated, both happy and sad.

It seems that the reason for "33 years old" is "because I'm calm"...well, that's fine...

I was a little worried about how old I look to the customers who actually come to the store. Higher than the manager? under? When I go to a customer's house for deliveries, I am sometimes asked, "Are you the store manager's younger brother?"

It will soon be one year since I started working for this company.

I'm slowly getting used to my work, but I want to continue to treat everyone with the youthful feeling of being in my 20s without forgetting my original intention.

By the way, it will be another 6 years before I turn 33. Staff Sano