◎ Shunpo Tea Garden Magokoro Tsushin September 2011 issue Volume 9 11/9/3

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◎ Shunpo Tea Garden Magokoro Tsushin September 2011 issue Volume 9 11/9/3

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This is the sincerity communication of Shunpo Tea Garden, a Japanese tea specialty store in Yokohama.

We value fresh taste, health and safety,

We will create a wonderful future through tea!

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Breaking news only for customers who have registered for the e-mail magazine! !

Purchase seasonal tea and sweets from the website

It is now possible!

The actual sales are scheduled to start on September 5th.

Pre-order sales will be available in conjunction with the HP update.

We will ship as soon as the product is ready, so please look forward to it!

This year's fall theme is

Entitled "Two Moon Viewing and Tea Festival"

Mid-Autumn Moon, Twelfth Night, and Respect for the Aged Day

We have prepared tea and sweets for you to spend a relaxing time.

Limited tea "Chaju" 50g 880 yen Limited to 108 bottles

Limited tea "Chaju" is the best tea to celebrate Respect for the Aged Day.

It is a tea made by

Although it is a small amount of 50g, we use as many of our main products as possible.

I wanted you to experience it, so I made it small.

Limited to 108 pieces, so please order early.


?Seasonal Japanese Sweets Ichiban Kiln Dashi Baked Sweet Potato Limited number of 100

A combination of sweet potato paste and shiro bean paste is baked with a thin skin.

Sprinkled with cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon is used in the first kiln baked sweet potato.

Cinnamon suppresses the rise in blood sugar levels caused by diabetes,

It is also said to be good for anti-aging.

The Mid-Autumn Moon is also known as the “Imo Moon”.

How about enjoying the moon with delicious tea and potato sweets?


?Premium tea Would you like to have an important hospitality and a little luxury?

Our popular "Sencha Yasuragi" and "Sencha Yutaka Midori"

We made it into a drinkable size 30g pack.

And the newly released Benifuuki variety of black tea and oolong tea are also popular!

Please try once! !


★This time, we would like to introduce our ongoing efforts.

1 Japanese Tea Instructor Advisor Certification Exam Approaching! !

Currently, four staff members will challenge the certification exam from April this year.

However, the day of the certification exam is getting closer and closer...

Determine the quality by looking at the type of tea, the inner quality (taste), and the appearance (shape)

It is difficult to train, but to become an advisor trusted by everyone

I'm doing my best to be able to do it! Please support! !

Japanese Tea Instructor Association: http://www.nihoncha-inst.com/

2 We are giving tea to children born this year!

Tea has long been regarded as a source of good health and longevity.

There are really various events this year since the earthquake,

Children are the ones who make the future.

Although it is small at our shop, as a birthday celebration,

We are offering Kotobuki Hojicha.

Please introduce us even if you were born in the neighborhood!

For more information: Shunpo Tea Garden Diary Blog


3 Considering a new package for seasonal tea!

Seasonal limited tea so that everyone can enjoy new things every month

We are planning. Cute packaging that is different from before

We are considering. We are working hard to release it in mid-September!

looking forward to! !

4 The 33rd year foundation festival will be held from October 5th (Wednesday) to October 9th (Sunday)

Held decision! !

This year, we are working on a project that is a little different from the usual founding festival.

I'm here. I hope I can convey my joy to everyone.

Please enjoy yourself!

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Thank you for reading to the end!

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We would love to hear your thoughts.

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