Thinking about Haruyoshi's news...

Right now, I'm thinking about what to put in the new tea issue of the Shunho dayori.

I would like to share my thoughts with you.

For 33 years, we have been operating as a deep-steamed specialty store directly sold by farmers who are genuine in the production area.

It was 33 years of working hard to convey the wonders of deep-steamed tea.

When I was in elementary school, I wrote "Our tea is the best in Japan!"

I have never been outside of Shizuoka during Golden Week in May (laughs).

However, when I did a special feature on deep steamed tea in "Try it Gatten" in January this year,

A lot of customers came to our store saying "Please give me a deep steamed tea!"

We are a deep-steamed tea specialty store!

Some customers were surprised, "Is that so?!"


I felt that "the wonderfulness of tea has not been communicated yet",

I made up my mind.

“For those who have been drinking Japanese tea so far, and for those who do not know the wonders of Japanese tea,

There has to be a way to convey it more clearly.”

And "I want to convey the wonders of deep steamed tea and Japanese tea in a more easy-to-understand manner!"

Thinking about a way to communicate that goes beyond the conventional framework of explaining Japanese tea,

I would like to make it a specialty store that brings joy to the production area, the consumption area, and us.

As one of them, we will publish the Shunho Dayori (Shincha issue).

I'm planning to give it to you at the store, so please take a look at it! !

thank you!