Summer Koshien Finals!

Konan of Okinawa defeated Tokai University Sagami of Kanagawa to win the 2010 summer Koshien final today!

I'm a citizen of Kanagawa Prefecture, so I was rooting for Tokai University Sagami, so it was a disappointing result.

But I'm impressed by the play of a really hard player.

The other day, in Mr. Kuriyama's corner of News Station, I introduced a scene in which the Tokai University Sagami player was the first to rush when a ball hit by a Tokai University Sagami player hit the opponent's pitcher's hand. I was deeply moved by the way they rushed over with their cold spray, and how they instantly decided what they had to do, and how they tried to help even if it was the other team.

I think this is due to the daily education and the spirit of devoting himself to baseball, which makes him act wonderfully.

Everyone at Tokai University Sagami, I think it's frustrating to win the second place, but thank you for a really wonderful play!