popular! Bargain! ! Drink comparison set of three major production areas and tea varieties

The end of the year is approaching.
I (Goto) also receive various greetings and notifications.

There was really a lot of things to do this year too. It can be good or bad.

We always hope that delicious Japanese tea will be a healing time for everyone.

Japanese tea is a gem that can be recommended both to cheer you up and to soothe your soul.

This year as well, we have prepared a recommended seasonal set for the year-end and New Year holidays.

It's a "comparison set of three major production areas and tea varieties"!
This set is normally priced at 3,376 yen, but is now available at a limited price of 3,020 yen! !

A limited set of 3 types of recommended sencha from Shizuoka, Kagoshima, and Fukuoka Yame!
A set of 3 popular Japanese teas at our garden, which is very popular for New Year's greetings, souvenirs, and greetings to loved ones.

We also have a set for customers who do not need a box. It is a limited set that can be recommended for home use during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Please enjoy the tasting set of three major production areas of Japanese tea.


1 “Sencha Shizuoka Kakegawa Kikugawa product moment”
Produced in: Shizuoka Kakegawa Kikugawa Product Variety: Yabukita variety 100g packed ◎The most popular special steamed tea that has been thoroughly steamed! ! It is characterized by its rich flavor.
The tea leaves are very fine!

2 "Kabuse tea Kagoshima radish exclusive production Gyokuro-zukuri"

Origin: Kagoshima daikon radish Variety: Saemidori variety 80g packed ◎ A tea variety with a characteristic aroma and refined sweetness.
Tea leaves are a little bigger!

3 “Kabuse tea from Yame, Fukuoka, scent of Yame”
Production area: Yame, Fukuoka Breeds: Yabukita & Saemidori varieties 80g packed ◎ Sencha with good aroma and quality.
Tea leaves are big!