2022 founding festival web pre-order page is ready! !

From October 14th (Friday) to 20th (Thursday), we will be holding our 43rd anniversary celebration! !

We have a web reservation order page, so
Reservations are recommended, especially for limited items! !

By the way, there are 3 featured products for this founding festival!

The first one is “Aged Kurade Mogami Sencha Special”!
We will sell Shizuoka Mogami Special Steamed Green Tea at a special price! !

The second one is “Chachamori Tamatebako”!
A set of popular No. 1 "Hitotoki" tea bags with string and popular sweets filled with plenty of tea!
This limited set is recommended for your home or as a gift.

The third is limited to over-the-counter sales, and it will be limited to 20 per day,
We will sell a limited parfait called "Kuromitsu Kinako Mochi Rich Matcha Parfait"! !

At the founding festival, besides the above products, popular products will be sold at a special price for the founding festival, and all teapots and pots will be discounted by 20%! , And we will also present a special coupon only for customers who purchase the founding festival products!

There are already too many things, so I want to tell you many things,

First of all, we will be doing an Instagram live from 20:00 on Friday, September 16th! !

Focusing on the contents of the founding festival, we would like to answer live questions from new products and customers! !

Please take a look! !

I would like to convey the contents of the founding festival firmly by e-mail and LINE! !

From now on, it's a thrilling and exciting founding festival! !

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