Smile short story-a moment with an important person-

For 8 years, I was assigned to a rural area alone.

Because the master will come back from April

A customer who usually drinks "Taikoban"

Thank you for purchasing "Hitotoki".

Finally we can drink tea together, so have a delicious cup of tea

I want to put it in

The smile of the wife who talked to me was very smiley.

"Taikoban" is for your home, and you can enjoy a strong taste of tea at an affordable price.

This is a popular tea.

"Hitotoki" is drunk by the largest number of customers at Shunpo Tea Garden.

This tea has a good balance of sweetness and astringency.

Spend time with your loved ones with tea from Shunpo Tea Garden

I am honored to have been selected.

Please come and visit us with your husband next time.

We are looking forward to seeing you m(__)m.