SHUNPO CAFE new menu Chacha Bum new release! ! [Yokohama/Totsuka/Tea Specialty Store & Gift Shunho Tea Garden]

Chacha Baum new release! ! [Yokohama/Totsuka/Tea Specialty Store & Gift Shunho Tea Garden]

Hello!The weather has completely changed, and it's getting colder in the morning and evening!Already, October is over in a blink of an eye, and this year is also coming to an end.It is early~~~···.It's the season for delicious tea, so our shop is getting more and more crowded♪ And the long-awaited new menu has been released at our popular Shunpou Cafe! !Chacha Baum and a drink set!A bargain set for ¥10! ! !The new product "Chacha Baum" that has just appeared can now be enjoyed at the Shunpou Cafe.Baumkuchen with a moist texture and a slightly bitter taste of tea that is not too sweet.Enjoy with your favorite drink!Please use the Shunpo Cafe for a relaxing break between shopping♪ The cafe cups and ice cups have an original design and are a little cooler! !Please enjoy the Shunpo Cafe while paying attention to such places!