◎ Shunpo Tea Garden Magokoro Tsushin December 2011 Issue Volume 11 11/12/12

◎ Shunpo Tea Garden Magokoro Tsushin December 2011 Issue Volume 11 11/12/12

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This is the sincerity communication of Shunpo Tea Garden, a Japanese tea specialty store in Yokohama.

We value fresh taste, health and safety,

We will create a wonderful future through tea!

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December has passed the 10th and it's getting more and more busy!

There are so many unexpected accidents and incidents during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Only you can control your own mind.

Have a cup of tea, take a breath, and spend the year-end and new year calmly

let's go.

★This time, we would like to introduce our ongoing efforts.

1 Limited Quantity “Blessing Lucky Daruma Bag”

Reservation purchase starts from HP! !

Newly released "Fuku Daruma bag" can be purchased from HP from this year


・ Mogami Hand Picked Sencha Zuiho 30g

・ Gyokuro-zukuri Saemidori 30g

・Fresh roasted green tea 50g

・Easy tea Sencha tea bag

・Shiawase black tea tea bag

・Oolong tea bag

・5 packs of Benifuki

・ Mogami grilled seaweed 1 sheet

・ 10 chacha cookies

・7 pieces of sencha yokan (10 pieces in total)

It is a content exceeding 5,000 yen in total.

We packed a lot of delicious tea and sweets! !

We will put it in a paper bag with a cute lucky daruma and deliver it.

Please try our popular tea and sweets at this great opportunity!

2 Free papers placed at stations and ward offices

Introduce our shop to "Hamajin (Yokohama Magazine)"

I'm going to have it.

The end of January next year will feature Totsuka,

Our head office is listed as "Asahi-cho shopping street shop".

We will devote ourselves to helping everyone as a verandah in the region!

Please take a look if you find it!


3 Saemidori variety "Gyokuro Zukuri" from Kagoshima Prefecture

Start a trial campaign! !

I want to drink delicious tea during the year-end and New Year holidays!

Also, I want to drink a little special tea! !

for customers who

Limited special price for our Saemidori variety "Gyokuro Zukuri"

We will sell at!

You can really taste the sweet taste of gyokuro.

Limited quantities are available, so please order early! !


4 I'm going to do it all the time!

"We are giving tea to children born this year!"

Tea has long been regarded as a source of good health and longevity.

There are really various events this year since the earthquake,

Children are the ones who make the future.

Although it is small at our shop, as a birthday celebration,

We are offering Kotobuki Hojicha.

Please introduce us even if you were born in the neighborhood!

For more information: Shunpo Tea Garden Diary Blog


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In a book I was reading the other day, there was a story about why people have "weaknesses".

The reason is that eliminating weaknesses also deprives a person of their individuality.

People's weaknesses are the source of creating a humble heart like a human being.

Weaknesses are necessary for a person to be truly humble.

i have my weaknesses

So if I can get someone to make up for what I lack,

It was said that "love" that can appreciate each other will be born.

I think that my "weaknesses" are also an important part of my personality, and I will humbly work hard!

Thank you for reading to the end!

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