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A Japanese tea instructor at Shunpo Tea Garden answers,New tea Q&A page.

Why is it cheaper and tastier to buy at Shunpo Tea Garden instead of the production area?

Why is it better to wait slowly for new tea...

new teaThe unknown "mystery"I will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner!

 Q.What is new tea?


“Shincha (Ichibancha) is tea that is picked at the most ‘season’ of the year (the best season for tea), and that tea issold all year roundThing"

Late April to early May

When the news of cherry blossoms arrives from all over the country and the beginning of spring is approaching, tea plantations all over the country are bathed in abundant sunlight, and new tea leaves sprout all at once.

Just as there is a song called ``Chatsumi'' that says ``Summer is approaching, XNUMX nights♪~'', the XNUMXth day after the first day of spring is called ``XNUMX nights'', and is the most important for tea. It will be the time of season.

Tea picked during this period (around April XNUMXth to around May XNUMXth in Shizuoka, although it varies depending on the year) is called "new tea" (first tea).We will store this tea for one year and sell it..

Although rare, among our customers,

“Shincha only smells and has no taste.

Some people say that, but it's a little misunderstood.

This is because more than XNUMX% of the annual tea leaves are picked during this new tea season, and tea shops mainly sell them.

If the tea purchased at the time of new tea was "tea with only scent and no taste",

■ Tea shops that sell such teas

■ Temporary tea only for new tea sales prepared to sell quickly


There is a high possibility that the tea you drank was "Ah, it's a delicious tea" or "Ah, it's just a scent and it doesn't have any taste", but it's also the first tea.

Please remember...

“Shincha (first tea) is tea picked at the most “seasonal” time of the year (the best season for tea),The tea is sold all year round.Thing.

 Q.What is the difference between the new tea of ​​Chunfang Tea Garden and the new tea of ​​other places?


"Shunpo tea garden's new tea is a proverb,"Rushing is a waste of time"is. "

Many tea shops

new tea seasonFull of desire to sell new tea as soon as possible.

This is because it is the most profitable time and the most lively time for tea.

The same is true for our company.

And Japanese people love "seasonal" things.In autumn, it's saury, and in spring, it's new tea.

Therefore, there are many kinds of tea.“Not like others, not like others” is all the rage these days.

And just as there is a phrase "early discount or early special" for summer gifts, year-end gifts, and travel reservations, the idea of ​​selling tea early during the new tea season to please customers was born.

I think it's great that you try to make various teas with originality and ingenuity and make your customers happy.

However, as a resultShincha has an image of “tea with only fragrance and no taste”It's starting to come out too.

I can't say absolutely because the taste is infinitely different,

"Tasteful and delicious tea"It is,Thoroughly scrutinize, carefully select and meet for the first timeIt is a tea that can

Please remember...

At our store, fresh tea sales are very slow compared to general tea shops.

but insteadThe probability of encountering "tasteful and delicious tea" is very high.I would like you to think.

 Q.What are the advantages of buying from Shunpo Tea Garden instead of from the production area?


The biggest merit of Japanese tea specialty stores in consumption areas is

"Selected carefully from all over the countryAbility to select and manufacture customer-oriented teais"

Direct sales from the production area is attractive.What makes it attractive is the “cheap feeling” of direct delivery from the production area.

Then,To meet "tasteful and delicious tea"What do you need?

Right out! !

We always keep in touch with tea-loving customers and find out what kind of tea they actually enjoy.always in a place where you can feelThat and

Calmly compare teas from various production areas, and among them, "Don't worry about shape, stick to taste and peace of mind"you can choose teaIt is that.

This meansThings that cannot be done without being in the consumption area.


When you are in a production area, you tend to stick to the goodness of the production area.

And there is a strong tendency to make tea depending on the production area.

Please remember...

The biggest advantage of Japanese tea specialty stores in consumption areasIt is,

"It is possible to select and manufacture carefully selected customer-oriented tea from all over the country."