Recommended ways to drink Benifuuki

About the much-talked-about tea "Benifuuki" -Yokohama Totsuka Shunpo Tea Garden-

The recommended way to drink Benifuuki

Research on Benifuuki has been conducted by Dr. Banri Yamamoto of the Tea Function Analysis Laboratory, Vegetable and Tea Research Institute, National Agriculture and Biotechnology Research Organization, and clinical trials have been conducted at various universities and research institutes. is proven.

Benifuki is not a medicine. Benifuuki is not only effective against hay fever, but it has been confirmed that methylated catechins, which are abundant in Benifuuki, have anti-allergic effects.

It is said that after drinking Benifuuki, methylated catechins are absorbed into the body and the anti-allergic effect works for about 3 hours, from 1 hour after drinking to about 4 hours. I tried to summarize how to drink I heard from people who are said to be effective.

Rather than drinking slowly over time, dissolve one sachet in hot water after each meal and drink it up when it is ready to drink.

A daily guideline is 2 sachets, 1 each after breakfast and after lunch. Alternatively, add 1 packet after a snack at 3:00 and aim for about 3 packets a day.

?If you drink it chilled, put 1 package in a 500ml plastic bottle and water and let it soak in water for at least 1 hour before drinking. However, do not leave it at 20 degrees or more for more than 3 hours. Store in refrigerator.

Please try it once! ! It's a tea with a rich flavor as a powdered green tea, so i recommend it! !