with a postcard today

Today, I would like to introduce the customer's voice that I received in a postcard.

“Thank you for always treating me with delicious tea, even if it was just a little shopping.

I'm busy raising my children, but at least when I make tea

Think of the other person, put your heart into it, and take it slow... it's also an opportunity to reflect on yourself.

If you put your heart into it, the tea will be really delicious. ] Dear Anonymous

When I make tea at home,

No matter how busy I am, I try to take my time and think about the other person.

When I try to drink the tea that I made with all my heart, I feel that even the same tea is delicious.

The person who put it in doesn't say anything in particular, but...

To everyone today, and to that person who hasn't said anything,

I would like to pour you a cup of tea with all my heart. Stud