During the Obon holidays...

Oh man, it's hot.

I don't know if it's because of the Obon holiday or because of the heat, but as expected, the storefront today

I feel quiet.

As I mentioned the other day, Shunpo Tea Garden will be closed for three days from tomorrow.

I'm thinking of going back to my parents' house for a bit from tonight.

I just wanted to go straight home from work,

I made the mistake of forgetting my cell phone at home...

In the past, it was natural that we didn't have mobile phones, but now we have to have mobile phones.

I can't help but be anxious and anxious. ... go home early.

From August 19th, we will be open as usual.

We are looking forward to your visit. Shunpo Tea Garden Sano

PS Chacha Daifuku, I was very pleased with it as a homecoming souvenir.

Even after the Obon holiday is over, we will continue to sell, so please order from everyone.

We'll be expecting you! !