HP has been updated! !

In 2011, we welcomed the new tea and updated the HP store! !

The content has not changed, but we can clearly communicate the arrival of new tea.

I'm going to do it, so please take a look! !

And today, "Yutaka Midori" from Chiran, Kagoshima Prefecture will be newly in stock.

Minamikyushu City, where Chiran is located, is now the number one production area in Japan as a result of the merger of the three towns of Ei and Kawabe.

And on the 30th, "Saemidori" from Ariake, Kagoshima Prefecture will also be in stock!

The taste of tea varies greatly depending on the production area, variety, and date of picking.

By all means, please experience this new tea season! !

Takanori Goto