This is what makes Benifuuki at our garden different! !

About the much-talked-about tea "Benifuuki" -Yokohama Totsuka Shunpo Tea Garden-

That's what makes Benifuuki at our garden different! !

Although there are individual differences, the anti-allergic effect of methylated catechins is proportional to the amount of intake. Benifuki is still traded at a high price and the production volume is small, so there are many products with a small content such as 0.5g per pack, but even if you drink the same one pack, you should drink 0.5g. If you drink 1 g of Noto, the expected effect of methylated catechin will be halved. There are also many blended products of other varieties, such as Benihomare and Yamakai, which are easier to obtain than Benifuuki. Similarly, blended products with low methylated catechin content will reduce the expected effect accordingly.

In addition, secondary processing into granules (water soluble) adds dextrin to the raw materials, so the amount of benifuuki in the content is reduced, so the content of methylated catechins is also reduced.

Our Benifuuki powder is 100% non-blended and additive-free Benifuuki powder.


Benifuuki from our garden is 15 pieces with 1g per pack, 680 yen including tax.