About the selection of tea at Shumpoo Chaen

About our selection of original tea leaves

[Above: Tea plantation in Shizuoka Makinohara]
In our garden, we visit the fields of the production area every year, carefully select the best tea leaves from the weather conditions of the year, and manufacture original tea leaves.
[Above: Tea fields in Kakegawa, Shizuoka]

[Above: Tea plantation in Chiran, Kagoshima]

[Top: Original tea leaf tasting]
There are three selections to produce this original tea leaf.

Only tea leaves that have cleared the three selections are sold as our original tea!

The first is "producer selection".

In the "Producer Selection", we will visit the tea plantations of the production area every year, meet the producers, and hear various stories. To make delicious Japanese tea, the personality of the producer is very important. The tea leaves that look delicious are often made by producers who are serious about research and who love tea. Japanese tea is produced by combining the power of nature and the power of people.

The second is "tea leaf selection".

In the "Tea Leaf Selection", we carefully select tea leaves that grow well in good weather from among the tea leaves of wonderful producers, conduct tastings, and carefully select the selected tea leaves as our tea leaves.
Fruit is also the most delicious when it is picked and tasted when it is just ripe. Japanese tea is also good weather, tea leaves are well nourished, and grown tea leaves are delicious.
Every day, we taste tea leaves from excellent producers and carefully select the best tea leaves at the time when they are of the highest quality.

The third is "finish selection"

80% of the deliciousness of the tea is determined by the second selection. The remaining 20% ​​will be how to "finish". Finishing is to remove the large leaves, small parts, stems, and powder parts of the tea leaves, and polish only the leaves with the strongest umami. Then, while polishing, it is roasted. This degree of roasting is also an important point for making delicious tea.
We will decide what kind of tea leaves to make wonderful tea leaves based on the weather conditions, the production area and the content of the tea leaves every year.

The tea refined by these three selections is "Shunho Tea Garden Tea".

Tea leaves are not delicious. “Delicious new tea leaves” are born because we have a good relationship with wonderful producers, produce wonderful tea leaves, and perform the best polishing method that matches the tea leaves.

That's why it's the most delicious to taste with "tea leaves".

After going through these three selections, "Shunpo Tea Garden Tea Leaves" was born.

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