female new year

It's been about two days...

January 15th is Lunar New Year

It is also called Onna-shogatsu (female New Year's holiday) to express gratitude for women who have worked hard to prepare for the New Year, such as making New Year's dishes, and to provide hospitality.

In some regions, it is customary for men to do all the housework and leave women to rest during this period.

It's been extremely cold these days.

In addition to the cold weather, the year-end and New Year holidays are the time when you start to feel tired after working hard.

How about “Fukucha”, a tea recommended for women who have worked hard?

Fragrant brown rice tea with black soybeans and soybeans that are rich in nutrients that are good for the body.

Let's drink a cup of warm fukucha with the thought of "I hope you spend a good time this year too!"