Regarding this year's new tea situation

Thank you very much for always using Shunpo Tea Garden.

Also, due to my lack of effort, I was not able to prepare the limited reservation Shincha this year as well,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to many customers.

Last year, there was a big frost damage in Shizuoka, and the handing over of fresh tea was delayed by about two weeks.

This year marks the 34th year of our company, and we have never been as late as last year.

So, I decided this year's delivery deadline with a naive idea that it would be fine this year.

There was no frost damage this year, but due to lack of sunshine and rain,

It took the same amount of time as last year to grow into thick tea leaves.

It's not that I haven't picked the new tea.

There are as many as you want.

However, it will take time this year to create "new tea that customers will be pleased with from the bottom of their hearts."

This year, too, we are experiencing the rigor and splendor of farming that is unique to nature.

This year as well, we have caused inconvenience to our customers, and we are really asking everyone in the production area to do the same.

However, with everyone's cooperation, we will be able to deliver "new tea that will please our customers from the bottom of our hearts" this year as well.

Tomorrow, the limited reservation new tea "Hatsukoi" will arrive, and all the limited reservation products will be available.

Please enjoy this year's new tea from Shunho Tea Garden.

And thank you for your candid feedback.

Takanori Goto