This is the best companion for tea! "Okaki" new release!

After all this goes well with tea!

The seasons have changed and it's getting colder...Warm tea has become a more delicious season!

So, it is an introduction of a new product!Sweet snacks are of course delicious with tea, but they are also fragrant.OkakiHow do you like it?

The rice crackers fried in rice oil have a crunchy texture, and the more you chew, the more the sweetness of the rice spreads. ! !

One of the attractions is that it does not use chemical seasonings (amino acids) and is gluten-free!

At the shop, we offer [soy sauce] and [salt] flavors♪ At the shop, the [salt] flavor is popular so far!

Excellent compatibility with our teaOkaki!How about one to accompany a warm cup of tea?

We look forward to your visit of everyone.