New Year's Eve has passed! !

From the end of the year to the New Year, the weather continues to be nice, and I go to Hakone Ekiden to buy a lucky bag for Hakone Ekiden. Isn't there a lot of things to go out with your family?

On the 7th of the New Year, we eat a lot of New Year dishes, ozoni, and other delicacies to rest our tired stomachs and supplement nutrients that tend to be lacking in the winter when vegetables are scarce.・Pray for good health for the year by eating rice porridge cooked with hotokenoza and suzushiro.

Also, how about trying something a little different and trying ochazuke made with tea?

I think you can enjoy the taste of W by combining the vegetable taste of tea with the animal taste of salmon and cod roe.

So, there are many delicious ochazuke, but I would like to introduce you to an easy-to-make ochazuke.

1. Place rice in a slightly larger bowl and top with chopped seaweed, bite-sized cod roe or salmon, and umeboshi.

2. Put tea leaves in a teapot, add a pinch of salt and pour hot water.

3. Gently pour 2 into 1.

Please make it and eat it with your family.

In addition to this, there are many tea dishes, sweets and drinks that use Japanese tea.

We have heard from customers who have visited Shunho Tea Garden that they not only drink it, but also use it for cooking and sweets.

Everyone, please try to make it using tea.