Merry Christmas! happy holiday! !

Did Santa Claus come to your house?

Santa Claus came to our house today!

He gave me a book that I wanted him to read! !

When I was little, there was an airplane next to my pillow on Christmas Day.

I remember being very happy when I was young.

Santa who came to our house put the presents under the Christmas tree as a result of consultation.

As soon as my 3-year-old woke up, there was no present in his bed.

"Santa didn't come..."

In a panic, I said, "Santa said he prepared presents for the Christmas tree!"

When I told him, he got a little depressed and headed towards the tree...

"Wow~ what the hell!!"

I was finally happy! !

The voice of joy and smiles have the power to cheer people up!

It seems that everyone will be happy that the tea is delicious, and I will be able to finish the year somehow this year.

Just a few more to go this year! I would like to have a good year with everyone! !

Takanori Goto