It's March! We bring you a small story with a smile! !

A customer who visited Sakuras the other day told us how to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.

First of all, check the blooming condition of flowers frequently on the net etc.

And the weather (the color of the sky) is very important.

If the sky is cloudy, it will be blurry and the beauty will be halved.

Be sure to check the weather forecast as well.

It seems that when you go on a long trip, you will prepare a delicious bento for lunch.

However, when the flowers are at their best, the weather, and your own convenience, you should go out when the timing is right.

"It's quite difficult," he said.

I see, the chance to be blessed with the day when the three conditions are perfect and you can say "Let's go out!"

It may be close to a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

The expression on the customer's face when they are talking to me is as wonderful as when a flower suddenly blooms.

I had a great time too! !