Haruyoshi Magokoro Newspaper June issue

Summer is finally here!

It's a fun season to be at the beach and in the mountains, but it's also exceptional to drink "ice-cold tea" in the heat.

Let's get through this summer by refreshing the mind and body with authentic cold tea from Shunpo Tea Garden.

Shunpo Tea Garden's recommendations for this summer are cold tea "Hamakaze" and "Momidashi Koicha Tea Bag" for cold brew!

The store is limited in quantity and a W gift campaign is also being carried out! !

Of course, it is also sold on the Internet, but if you are in the area, please visit our store! !

We are waiting for you with delicious cold tea! !

In addition, we have sent the summer summer gift catalog to our members! !

How about a cup of tea from Shunpo Tea Garden this year? All the staff