Magokoro Newspaper January issue

Happy new year Thank you for your continued support this year.

This year marks the milestone year of Heisei 20.

Since our founding in 1979, 30 years have passed in the blink of an eye, and thanks to the many customers we have, we are overwhelmed with emotion.

I just want you to drink delicious tea earnestly! I want you to drink the tea of ​​the production farmer as it is! I want to convey the wonders of Japanese tea to as many people as possible! We have conveyed only this passion to our customers. By having each and every one of our customers come to know about the wonderfulness and deliciousness of tea, the circle spreads as "Nagomi", which greatly supports Shunpo Tea Garden today.

I think the idea of ​​tea is to aim for this harmony.

I would like to convey more and more that this wonderful drink exists in Japan. Thank you for your continued support this year. Shunpo tea garden owner

Our store is a Japanese tea specialty store that values ​​peace of mind and trust, and makes tea together with farmers. During the new tea season, we always go to the production area and deliver carefully selected Japanese tea that will please our customers.

Currently, food safety is a major issue, and we do not mix tea from various production areas, but make tea that makes the most of the individuality of each production area. Compared to the old days, the number of people who put tea leaves in a teapot and drink them is decreasing. The reason is that many tea shops sell tea for their convenience. A lot of people still don't drink really good tea. The shape of our tea is powdery, but when you drink it, it has a soft sweetness. Please take this opportunity to experience the true taste of Japanese tea. Nice to meet you. All the staff