Magokoro Newspaper February issue

Magokoro Newspaper February issue

"Let's convey the important thoughts in our hearts!!"

February has Valentine's Day. I love this event! The reason is that I didn't get a lot of chocolates because I was very popular when I was a student (laughs). I think it's a very nice event to think of the other person and give a present.

I think that the hospitality of tea has something in common with Valentine's Day in that it is "caring for the other person".

Family and friends, fathers, sons, and daughters without decorating...

“Would you like some tea?”

In a nutshell, putting not only yourself but also everyone's share together will be considerate of the other person. Don't you think that such tea hospitality is a wonderful hospitality?

Valentine's Day may be an event to take care of your loved ones, but as a daily thought, please pour tea to those around you. On the other hand, if you are getting tea every day, don't take it for granted and don't forget to say "thank you for always making tea". I think that will create a feeling of mutual respect.

I hope that everyone's Valentine's Day will be a wonderful day where you can take care of each other.

P. S. We will be selling a limited amount of tea chocolate with plenty of tea at Shunho Tea Garden. Goto