You can now purchase two limited-edition items for the Tsukimi and Chaju festivals!

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Limited items for the two moon viewing and tea ceremony festivals

You can now purchase from the homepage!

Two types of seasonal sweets,

As a pre-order sale

"Ichiban Kamadashi Yakiimo" will be shipped after September XNUMXth.

"Hokkuri" will be shipped after September XNUMXth.

The limited tea “Chaju” is loved by many people as the original taste of tea.

With a wish that I would like to convey as much as possible and to spend the celebration of respect for the aged with everyone

We sell our XNUMX yen class limited ingredients in XNUMXg packages.

Premium teas include black tea and oolong tea using domestic Benifuuki varieties,

We are launching a new XNUMXg pack of slightly luxurious Yasuragi and Yutaka Midori.

It is the season when tea becomes delicious.

I would be happy if I could convey the harmony of my heart to everyone through tea and sweets.