Let's get through the hot summer with an easy and delicious iced tea!

1 Green tea bags are very economical!

Cold tea bags are recommended as an easy and delicious way to drink cold tea.

《Point》Squeeze out the tea bag well with a spoon or muddler. Even if there is only one bag of tea bags, it will be difficult to extract the taste. We recommend that you rub it well to make up for it. It is recommended to make cold tea with a fresh tea bag that comes out in a beautiful green color.

2 The most delicious and economical is cold tea served with "tea leaves"!

Cold tea using the tea leaves itself is recommended rather than tea bags. Nowadays, there is a convenient pot with a tea strainer inside the glass pot, so extracting the tea leaves with it is the easiest, most delicious and economical way to make cold brew cold tea.

<Point> Stir the tea leaves with a spoon or muddler as much as possible to make the green color darker and serve cold tea. It doesn't taste bitter because it's made with water.

3 Effects of Cold Brew Cold Tea

It is said that when the tea is brewed with cold water, it contains an ingredient called "polysaccharide" that suppresses blood sugar levels, which is not found in hot water. This ingredient is said to efficiently metabolize sugar in the blood, lower blood sugar levels, create a body that is less likely to get tired, and burn body fat. Summer is a hot and humid season. Cold tea with cold water is a tea that helps you build a healthy body!

4 [Tea bean knowledge] Let's make the tea that is sleeping at home cold.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any tea that is sleeping in the kitchen or hibernating in the freezer? If so, let's make that tea cold! "Why?" you may ask. However, for those who don't drink tea that they don't like, summer is a very good season to make good use of tea leaves. because···

``The ingredients that dissolve in tea vary greatly depending on the temperature of the water.''

When tea is extracted with low-temperature water for a long time, the sweet component (theanine) of the tea is extracted first, making it possible to extract tea with a high degree of sweetness. By doing so, even tea that does not taste very good (generally, tea with low sweetness) can be drunk as a sweet and delicious tea by brewing it with cold water (surprise). If it comes out like a tea, please give up unfortunately because the tea is damaged (tears)