We have a delicious new tea again this year!

An array of colorful new teas♪

This year, our popular tea has become a new tea.

We also have a variety of production areas such as Shizuoka, Kagoshima, and Fukuoka.

Each tea taste bitterness fragrance softness Amami It expresses the characteristics of the taste in an easy-to-understand manner.

Since there are various characteristics of tea, Please try to find the tea that suits your taste!

By the way, the most popular item in the shop is "Hitotoki" ! ! I think every year that tea is really deep in the back. You can enjoy a completely different taste of the same tea depending on how it is brewed and the temperature of the hot water. I think it's interesting to enjoy the difference in taste with one tea ♪

Despite the difficult situation, I would be very happy if tea could be one of the healings in your life. Please enjoy the taste of the season only at home!