Japanese romance therapy

These days, the sweet scent of frankincense wafts softly in the refreshing autumn breeze.

And it's a good season to relax with a warm cup of tea.

In the book I read recently, I found the word "Wa Romatherapy".

It's a book called "The Adventures of the Tea Room" written by Mr. Tamasei Ariyoshi.

Mr. Ariyoshi, who continues to practice the tea ceremony in his private life, said that in the tea class, everyone who gathered there

Taste tea and sweets together, have a conversation, feel the seasons and have a good time.

When you sit on the tatami mats, you feel strangely calm, and the scent of the silk of the kimono and the scent of incense make you feel at ease.

They are brought about by the place of tea, and they secretly call it "Waromatherapy".

At Shunpo Tea Garden, they roast their own roasted green tea at the shop front.

At the fragrant scent, everyone passing by the shop suddenly narrowed their eyes and said, "It smells great!"

When you say something like that, I feel happy. sometimes small children

You can also see the smiling sight of people looking into the tea box with great curiosity, saying, "It smells so good!"

One time, a customer said, "It's like a curtain of scent is hanging."

There you are. I wondered if this was also a form of “Wa Romatherapy”.

Discover a lot of “Wa Romatherapy” unique to Shunpo Tea Garden,

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