I went to a tea class!

Just the other day, you are using our tea.

I went to a tea class at "Minami Totsuka Community Care Plaza".


The contents were focused on the history of tea, the effects of tea, and how to make tea.

Everyone was very enthusiastic and we were able to perform in a very warm atmosphere.

In particular, everyone was enthusiastic about how to choose a good tea, how to taste it professionally,

It seems that it was very good to actually go to the way to judge.


When you actually compare tea, you can clearly see the "difference".

It was clear at a glance that there were large differences in freshness and quality.

What I feel most when I conduct a tea class is,

In fact, the tea that is the most familiar and often drunk is not well known.

If you want to contribute as a company that is indispensable to the region, through such a tea class

I felt that it is very important to create bridges and connections with the local community.

Thank you for the opportunity, Minami Totsuka Regional Care Plaza!

Thank you for your continued support.

Shunpo Tea Garden Goto