Appeared on FM Totsuka "Kizuna no Ki"!

Thank you all for always using the shunho tea garden!

As announced, I appeared on FM Totsuka's program "Kizuna no Ki"!


*Mr. Aiura pulled it out well! Thank you Aiura-san! !


I was so nervous...


Mr. and Mrs. Adachi from Adachi Accounting Office who came all the way to support us!

Thank you for relieving my stress! thank you! !

I was very nervous, but after finishing, various people

"Very good!"

“It was calm and well conveyed!!”

I am relieved to receive such a nice comment.

Our shop is rooted in Totsuka and has grown up with the local people.

Totsuka is about to undergo major changes through redevelopment, and I believe that the local community will become even more important than ever. I was able to appear on FM Totsuka's radio this time, and I had many connections, and I was able to feel the enthusiasm of everyone for the area.

Through Japanese tea, I will do my best to make "Totsuka" a charming town where people can enjoy themselves with peace of mind. Thank you for your continued support.

Shunpo Tea Garden Takanori Goto