It's the season for delicious tea!

After Obon, it seems that the air suddenly changed to autumn.

It's the season where warm tea is delicious

Autumn is the season when the moon looks the most beautiful of the year.

Following the 12th night on September 12th, next month, October 9th will be the 13th night.

The thirteenth night is also known as the chestnut moon.

In conjunction with the 13th night, Shunpo Tea Garden has prepared delicious chestnut sweets!

It is a recommended sweet that goes well with tea with the texture of fluffy chestnuts and the fragrant roasted barley.

This is limited to 200 pieces, so if you are looking for it, please hurry!

秋限定お菓子 「ほっ栗」

Also, during the period from October 5th to October 9th

We will hold the 33rd anniversary celebration of Shunpo Tea Garden!

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been taking care of me on a daily basis.

Think of a plan that will please everyone,

We are preparing for it, so please look forward to it! !