It's October, isn't it?

This is sano from shunho tea garden.

Mind you, it's already October.

It's finally starting to feel like autumn since last weekend, or rather, it was a little cold, but it feels like the season for delicious tea has finally arrived.

When we think of autumn, we say "Autumn for sports," "Autumn for reading," and "Autumn for appetite."

What kind of autumn will you spend?

By the way, for my autumn...I haven't decided on a theme yet, so I'll let you know as soon as it's decided.

And… In October, there is the Shunpo Tea Garden’s annual festival, the “Foundation Thanksgiving Day”! !

You can buy the usual tea and unexpected products at a bargain price! !

If you see this blog and say, "I've been to Thanksgiving!", please let the staff know. We will be offering a special service even before the Thanksgiving period! !

For more details, please refer to the insert advertisement in the morning paper on October 4th, or send a DM to customers.

Please visit us when you are in the area! ! Even if you don't have anything to do nearby, please come and visit us! !

All the staff are looking forward to your visit. Staff Sano