Cold tea season has arrived again this year!

The season for cold tea has arrived again this year!

At Shunpo Tea Garden, we have cold brewed tea that you can drink deliciously in the hot summer!

"Hamakaze", where you can drink authentic cold tea with a leaf, and you can easily serve it with water or hot water

"Momidashi Koicha Tea Bag" will be recommended for Shunpo tea garden this summer!

High-end barley tea "organic barley tea" is also popular!

This year, let's get through the hot summer with Shunpo Chaen's cold brew cold tea!

In addition, the "Pot Present Campaign" that is popular every year,

Currently, it is not available at the Internet shop due to the specifications of the shopping cart.

We are very sorry, but if you would like to receive a pot gift, please contact us by phone or email.