Autumn weather continues!

The founding festival ended successfully, and I'm taking a breather ^^;

During the founding festival, we were hit by rain and typhoons,

It's been a pleasant autumn weather for the past few days.

However, I feel a little chilly in the morning and evening...

I think the season when tea is really delicious is approaching.

I haven't gone to the autumn leaves viewing yet, but the cityscape is also in autumn.

Maybe it's because I've grown up recently, but I feel the beauty of Japan's four seasons all over again.

However, as I live near a tourist spot,

It's also the season when the crowds feel a little annoying to go out ^ ^;

Changing the subject, but as I told you the other day, a large commercial facility that will be built on the site of Seiyu at Totsuka West Exit.

Saclass has decided to open a store in Totsuka !

The grand opening is on November 27th, and until then, I'm really busy and don't even have time to take a break!

If you live nearby, please come and visit us!

We'll be expecting you! !

Influenza is very prevalent.

Everyone, let's gargle with tea to prevent influenza and get through it! !

Shunpo Tea Garden Sano