Respect for the Aged Day is coming soon!

nice to meet you! My name is Iwami, a staff member of Shunpo Tea Garden.

This is my first blog post, so I'm a little nervous, but I hope that everyone who reads it will get even a little bit more interested in the store.

Thank you very much ♪

Now. It's right away, but September 18th is Respect for the Aged Day!

Grandpa, Grandma, how about a little gift for those who are indebted?

At our store, the delicious autumn limited tea “Chaju” is on sale again this year, but we also have cute gifts.

Today, we will introduce you here♪

The cute Azuma bag contains tea from the limited-edition Tea Kotobuki tea set and two types of dorayaki (tsubuan and shonan gold).

It's a gift set! The price is 1080 yen! Bargain (laughs)

Once you have finished eating the contents, you can reuse the Azuma bag!

The cotton-like material is durable, so it can be used as a small container for small items or as a lunch bag!

Some people even asked for it for themselves...

It's a limited item, so hurry up!

We are looking forward to your visit! !