March 11th was a special day.

Today is March 11th. A year has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.

What I feel now is to cherish "a heart of gratitude for living a normal life every day."

I feel that "I am grateful that I was born from my parents and that I am still alive" is the heart of a person's underlying gratitude.

I believe that our daily lives are not something we take for granted, but are supported by many people, animals, plants, the earth, and the universe . We just happen to be living our daily lives now , so it wouldn't be strange if an earthquake hit at any time. If you think so , "a heart of gratitude" will be born naturally.

And instead of noticing a "feeling of gratitude" because of an earthquake or other tragedy , I must always have a heart of "thank you for being alive" and earnestly work every day. I can't say I'm serious.

It made me realize that while I will never forget the disaster , I will never forget the gratitude I have for living .

Many people are still trying to “live” harder than we do. That heart is a wonderful heart.

I think it is important for us, like the people in the affected areas, to be grateful and live hard every day.