It tastes good, but the powder is in my throat...

I had a tasting of "Tsuki no Shizuku".

I always drink tea that has a secondary taste, so after a long time I have a good tea that does not have a refreshing aftertaste.

I was allowed to drink.

When I visited the store, I was asked to say "thank you", but the powder stuck to my throat.

I almost choked.

The taste is very good, but I wanted an explanation before drinking.

Also, the tea cookies were delicious.

I think it would be perfect as a gift.

Dear Anonymous

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From the store manager: I apologize for the lack of explanation this time.

Our tea has a powdery shape to maximize the flavor of the tea.

If you think about selling delicious tea as it is from the farm as much as possible, this kind of shape

I think it's the best and sell it.

Compared to general tea, it is more powdery, but it has a strong flavor and can be brewed many times.

I think so.

We will do our best to ensure that this kind of thing does not happen again.

In addition, we will work together with farmers to produce tea that is tastier, safer, more secure, and more satisfying for our customers.

Thank you very much for your valuable opinion. Thank you for your continued support. Takanori Goto