I received a happy word from a customer

It happened during the heavy rain the other day.

It's been raining cold all day and there are customers who come to the store

It was quiet and quiet.

In the midst of such bad feet, "I ran out of tea"

An elderly customer with a cane, umbrella and luggage

You came to the store and bought tea.

On the way home, help him stand up a little,

When I put my luggage over my shoulder

"Thank you for always being kind to me"

I got a word.

All the staff were very good at dealing with customers.

I think that's what you said.

I was the representative (laughs).

I was very happy to hear your words.

Thank you for coming here in the rain.

I was full of gratitude.

All the staff hope to see you again

We are waiting for you m (__) M.