letter from customer

The cold days are continuing, but have you caught a cold?

I received a customer's voice like this the other day.

"Please work hard in the cold.

I am warming up after drinking delicious tea from a tea shop.

So, I'm in the 5th grade soon. Mr. GN

You sent me a letter with a cute hojicha illustration.

This is another postcard I received.

"It's delicious at a reasonable price, and it's all about Shunpo Tea Garden.

They always serve tea sweets and tea, and it is a shop full of service with a sense of tea.

Aracha is very delicious for the price. ] Mr. SM

Our Aracha is often said to be "delicious for the price".

The tea I drink at home is also a cheap tea.

If you haven't tried Shunpo Tea Garden's crude tea yet, please try it once!

You will love it! ! Staff Sano