The other day, I decided to go shopping with my wife and children.

We can go shopping by car when I'm with him, so we decided to go to a place that we don't usually go to, so we went to a place a little far away where several specialty stores were gathered together.

After looking at children's items and 100-yen shops, when I finally stopped by the supermarket, there was no fish...

There was still plenty of time before closing time, and I was surprised that there weren't many items because it was a holiday.

The poster said, "For various reasons, we are not selling fish right now." Looking closely, it seems that the fishmonger was related to the recent food camouflage business.

My wife was impatient, "What should I do for tomorrow's lunch (ToT)?"

Big problems are coming out one after another from the heart of thinking about own profit first and trying to sell it. And it will cause great inconvenience to consumers, producers, and related businesses. And I strongly felt that the events in the news this time were really familiar and not human affairs events.

It is really important to convey the real thing that can be relieved to customers firmly.

No matter what we do, we are both consumers and sellers.

I think it's important to think about everything and make the right decisions.

Manager Goto