I want to become a brand! !

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know "Totsuka brand"?

"Delicious things" in Totsuka in commemoration of the Totsuka constituency system XNUMX years

We have you recommend to inhabitants of a ward and become "Totsuka brand"

We are currently planning to have it approved.

?Recommended products 

A store that sells ? ?

?Please circle either self-recommended or recommended by others.
        Self-recommended/Recommended by others

What is your "recommended point"?   

?Who would you recommend?
(Example: Sweets-loving friends, souvenirs for people outside of Totsuka Ward, etc.) 

Name of recommender:          
    (furigana: )
    Phone Number:
  Please circle (Please select)  
  Living in the city/Working in the city/Studying in the city

Print this out or paste it into an email.

Inquiries/Contact: Ward Administration Promotion Division, Totsuka Ward Office 

FAX045-862-3054 E-mail: to-brand@city.yokohama.jp

I would be very happy if you could apply! !

We also have special paper available at the store.
If you like it, please recommend it! !

"Totsuka Brand"