The future of teahouses is bright! !

Yesterday, we closed the Sakuras store a little early and held a general meeting.

Until now, the relationship with the staff who always met at one store has increased by one store

We had very little time to meet. And my contact method is bad,

There was a situation where some people knew about important things and others didn't.

If this situation continues, it will result in customer inconvenience.

Taking care of our customers means taking care of the staff (family) who work with us.

I hope I've finally figured it out.

We are where we are today thanks to the support of many people.

In order to please everyone, we must grow as a company with value to society.

We run a large family business with a dream and a warm heart, so that our customers, all employees, and our business partners can both be happy physically and mentally.

I will do my best not to lose to anyone.

I want to tell everyone! "The future of the teahouse is bright!"

Takanori Goto