After finishing the tea class at elementary school...

tea class

On November 7th, I went to my alma mater, Totsuka Elementary School, for a class on how to choose and brew delicious tea.

I've been to the tea class several times before,
It was not possible to do it easily for five years after opening the Sakuras store,
It's been a long time since I've been in a tea class.

Pre-meeting with officers

"Things that can be put into practice immediately"
"Tea is delicious and I want to drink various things"

Listening to requests such as

I made a scenario from 1 and did it.

Thanks to you,

With the warm hearts of everyone who gathered and the help of the executives,

Thanks to you, I was able to finish it safely.

I appreciate you sincerely.

At a later date, the participants stopped by the shop,

thank you very much!

The appeal of Japanese tea is that it is passed down through history and across generations.

Thank you for Japanese tea! !