everyone's voice

Today, we would like to introduce some of the voices of our customers to Shunho Chaen.

"Wake up tea. I made it the day before and put it by my bedside, and when I finished work in the morning, I had a warm cup of tea.

One in a plastic bottle for work. I make strong tea for my son's shop and serve it to customers with ice.

Thank you for always being delicious. ’ S. Mr. H

S. I was very happy to see Mr. H's life with Shunpo Tea Garden's tea.

Thank you very much for enjoying the tea of ​​Shunho Tea Garden.

“I always drink tea from Shunho Tea Garden. I have loved tea since I was a child. I changed the tea shop a lot without encountering delicious tea. Japanese tea goes well with cakes as well as Japanese sweets. Please continue with this taste. Thank you for the delicious tea! ’ T. Mr. Y

Certainly, Japanese tea goes well not only with Japanese sweets but also with Western sweets. Shunpo Tea Garden will continue to make delicious tea together with farmers so that everyone can be satisfied.

I also received a letter with such a cute illustration.

The following comment was attached to the illustration.

"I drink tea every morning. "Thank you" was very nice. ] Dear Anonymous

At Shunho Tea Garden, we are still waiting for your voice.

Any opinions and impressions about Shunho Tea Garden are welcome.

All the staff are waiting for you. Staff Sano